December 10, 2016

Houston RoofingI’ve always wanted a red tin roof so when hubby informed me that the roof on our hundred-year-old farm house needed to be replaced, I was thrilled. It wasn’t a small cost, but one that would definitely bring joy to my heart. I’ve always imagined our white stone farm house crowned with a red tin roof and though we have had to make repairs in the past, we never were to a point of having to replace the entire roof. It was replaced about ten years before we moved in and we’ve lived here for eight. A few bad storms and it was finally time to look for a roofing company which could bring my dream to life.
We contacted several roofing companies in the area and found that Great West Coast Houston Roofing was not only the best fit for price but for quality and ingenuity as well. Rob, the owner, was personable yet professional as he sat with us patiently explaining the details for installing a new roof and what a tin roof specifically would entail. It wasn’t going to just be a minor roof repair for us this time but an entire roof overhaul, and my husband was a bit nervous, asking many questions.
The whole experience was a breeze. I imagined that there would be a lot of hassle as there usually is with any home improvement, but this project proved to be one of the easiest transitions we have ever made, thanks to the quick and efficient staff from Great West Coast. Rob’s guys not only respected our time, they respected us and our home as well. We were set back a few days by a rainstorm and the very next sunny day, they were back on our property working quickly to catch up to meet our needs and the established time-frame we agreed upon.
One of the things I was really impressed with is that the workers were really patient with our kids. Our kids are very inquisitive and wanted to be part of the whole process, learning and watching and asking questions. Jake, the crew manager, took time with each of the children who asked him a question and showed them every step of the process as it happened. He even let them help with a few minor tasks in the attic. They were thrilled by the learning experience and felt proud that they could be a part of making Mommy’s red tin roof dream a reality!
Every time I drive down our long driveway and clear the lineage of trees on both sides, I get excited as my home comes into view. Nestled at the base of a small hill, the rambling old stone house quietly sits, proudly displaying her new crown. I never thought my home could be more beautiful! I can’t say enough about Great West Coast. We are pleased with the quality craftsmanship of our new roof, the efficiency of their work and the professionalism displayed by all. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking out a company to replace their roof.